[OTHER TWITTER] 131031 Cafe Jholic + Kim Suk Jin Twitter Update


Jholic is Jaejoong’s new coffee shop 😀
 photo 131031CafeJ_holic.png

[TRANS] This is Jholic scheduled to open in Myeondong in late November☆ Cafe Jholic’s website will also be available soon, so please look forward to it^^

Jaejoong’s Sister Twitter Update:

 photo 131031kjstw.png

[TRANS] Cafe Jholic is schedule to open in the end of November~~~
Jaejoong doesn’t run the cafe at Cheongdam.
Let’s meet at Myungdong now ^^♥♥

 photo BX6FHEYCUAAm3Pu.png

JYJ3’s note: Please read “Kim Jaejoong withdraw his investment of Coffee Cojjee Shop at Cheongdam-dong”Link

Source: @cafeJ_holic + @kkjj4
Translated by: @jaetaku + @The_little_pear
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[INFO] 131219 The Trial of AVEX vs. C-JeS : Update Regarding Settlement


Follow-up of Final Hearing Trial.

1. Company C and A have reached a settlement a few days ago. Written statement of the settlement seems to have been completed, but there was a request for viewing restriction (perhaps by A), it is impossible to know the detailed conditions and the contents of the current settlement. Please note that whether there is a viewing restriction or not, the settlement document is currently under review.

2. If the motion for the viewing restriction is granted, part of the settlement contents and conditions can not be viewed. The motion also covers the court documents of the 1st trial and appeal.

Source: @loveJJkaorin
Translated by: Ruby (@rubypurple_fan) of JYJ3
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