[OTHER TWITTER] 131031 Cafe Jholic + Kim Suk Jin Twitter Update


Jholic is Jaejoong’s new coffee shop 😀
 photo 131031CafeJ_holic.png

[TRANS] This is Jholic scheduled to open in Myeondong in late November☆ Cafe Jholic’s website will also be available soon, so please look forward to it^^

Jaejoong’s Sister Twitter Update:

 photo 131031kjstw.png

[TRANS] Cafe Jholic is schedule to open in the end of November~~~
Jaejoong doesn’t run the cafe at Cheongdam.
Let’s meet at Myungdong now ^^♥♥

 photo BX6FHEYCUAAm3Pu.png

JYJ3’s note: Please read “Kim Jaejoong withdraw his investment of Coffee Cojjee Shop at Cheongdam-dong”Link

Source: @cafeJ_holic + @kkjj4
Translated by: @jaetaku + @The_little_pear
Shared by: JYJ3

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